Am 2014 : Tarkarli : 7 Nov (edit)

AM 2014 is going to be held in Tarkarli this year.

Dates : 7th Nov - 8th Nov

Stay Time - 2 Nights Day 1 Arrive by evening / noon. Get together at the beach, drinks, gupshup and dinner. Day 2 Ride to Sindhudurg Airport area for fun ride, drag if u want and photoshoot. Lunch at some Malvan hotel. Rest out chill / talk Talks in the evening. Direction of BN Etc. Get together at the beach, drinks, gupshup and dinner. Day 3 - Head Home.

The hotel shortlisted is bang on the beach. See images below of the property, the snacks and the breakfast. @[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vcm9zYXJ5cGFyYWRpc2Uud2Vicy5jb20vYWJvdXQtdXM6Og==:@[NjQyMTgzOTU5MjA4MTA3Omh0dHBcYS8vcm9zYXJ5cGFyYWRpc2Uud2Vicy5jb20vYWJvdXQtdXM6Og==:]] What will it cost me? 750 per person per night - AC room and triple occupancy. Breakfast and dinner served on the same property is very very nominal. About 100 rs for a limited veg thali. 100 bucks for a fish. These are indicative rates. We have no control o these.

Annual Meet main co-ordinator : Rohit Parik For all interested in attending the meet, please note the following key information. In order to sign up you need to transfer Rs 1500 for covering hotel accommodation charges. Charges will change time as we need to cover escalating cost hotel bookings. Following is a list of charge based on time 1. Before 3rd Oct - Rs 1500 per person. 2. Before 20 Oct - Rs 2200 per person. 3. Before 2nd Nov - Rs 3000 per person. 4. Gate crashers (3rd Nov onwards) - Rs 4000 per person The charges increase only to ensure we can work out accommodation for everyone. In order to pay - please ping Rohit Parik on FB or mail him at so that we can send you bank details for transferring the money. * If you are planning to bring your family / better half then please mention it to Rohit so that he can make required arrangements to make your stay comfortable. * For lady nomads, you can specify you that and we will work out a way to accommodate you with other lady riders or in a separate room (charges change if single occupant).

Cancellation charge is 50% of the fee paid.

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