Try Out Trips And Travelogues And Profiles (edit)

<p>What I want to do with this website is focus more on the Trips/Travelogues part and also the user Profiles. I know that you are most comfortable with Forums as that is what everyone uses. If I wanted to follow the same path, I would have just used a readymade forum. However, the focus here is different. So, dont just look at the forum posts, experiment with other parts of the website. Here are a few things you should do :</p> <p>1. Create trips. You do not need to make future trips - you can also create actual trips you have completed in the past.</p> <p>2. Once created, you need to subscribe to the trip. This part is not coming out as well as I wanted, so you can provide your feedback.</p> <p>3. You can then complete the trip. This will update the details to the HoF page.</p> <p>4. you can add travelogues once the trip is completed. Give me feedback, thoughts etc. I will be working on these things next.</p>

Posted by Vibhu on Nov. 4, 2012, 7:10 p.m. in the forum Suggestions [ edit ]

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